Our nurses can appropriately delegate tasks to other members of the healthcare team. This means that they share authority with other care providers to provide a specific aspect of care. The delegated tasks vary depending on the unique needs of each patient. The delegating nurse is responsible for ongoing supervision to ensure that the delegated care provider is able to perform their assigned tasks.

“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.” – Val Saintsbury

On top of delivering quality care services, perhaps one of the most challenging responsibilities of our RNs at Family Support Care LLC is effective delegation. Our RNs are responsible for understanding what patients and families need, and then selecting the most suitable care providers so that the plan of care is properly executed and achieved desired patient outcomes.

Delegation is an important skill; it requires sound clinical judgment to ensure that the patient’s care is not compromised. Depending on the client’s needs and situation, our RNs perform an assessment to determine which service can be performed by an LPN, a CNA, or even another RN. Our nurses follow the following delegation guidelines:

Matching staff competencies to patient and family needs

Accurate, timely information about the patient (i.e. health condition, changes to care, etc.) must be shared between the delegating nurse and the delegated care provider

The delegating nurse is responsible for ongoing supervision of care provided

The delegated care provider accepts authority and responsibility for the work assigned to them

Whether it involves taking a patient’s vital signs, medication administration, providing assistance with ambulation, or some other task, an RN can make the decision to delegate certain tasks to other qualified professionals who are capable of meeting the patient’s needs.

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